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The flexibility of the Evening MBA program allows students to set their own pace. Most students take two courses per semester, but may elect to take anywhere between one and four in order to meet the demands of their personal and professional lives. The Evening MBA is typically completed in 3 to 3 ½ years.

Each course meets once per week from 6:00 – 8:50 pm. The number of courses a student takes directly correlates to the number of nights they will be on campus at our Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church. Classes are held Monday through Thursday, but occasionally a Friday evening or Saturday morning course will be offered.

Summer courses – often electives – are also available for those who wish to progress through the program at a steady pace and maintain their momentum throughout the year. Students may also choose to complete an Area of Specialization and/or participate in an optional study abroad opportunity as part of their MBA program.


  ACIS 5104 – Fundamentals Of Accounting
  MGT 5314 – Dynamics of Organizational Behavior
  BIT 5414 – Operations Management in a Global Environment
  FIN 5084 – Analytical Framework for Business Managers
  MKTG 5104 – Marketing Policy & Strategy
  BIT 5724 – Managerial Statistics
  ACIS 5154 – Analyzing Financials and Implementing Controls
  FIN 5024 – Principles Of Finance
  MGT 5854* - Ethics and Leadership in a Global Environment (2 cr)  or MGT 5384 - Ethical Dimensions of Leadership (3 cr)             
  BIT 5404 – Decision Modeling & Business Analytics
  Plan of Study Electives - Between 5-8 courses selected from 1, 2, and 3-credit courses to complete the program total of 48-credits
  CAPSTONE - Final Semester
  MGT 5794** – Strategic Management


  • Sequence of courses: Students begin with Level I, then progress through Levels II & III, when possible.
  • * MGT 5854 Ethics and Leadership in a Global Environment or MGT 5384 Ethical Dimensions of Leadership may be taken at any time.
  • ** MGT 5794 Strategic Management should be taken in the last year of your studies.
  • The Evening MBA advising staff provides Plan of Study and course guidance throughout the program.