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  • Course registration occurs at set times of the year and students are responsible for registering for classes. Register for classes by logging into your Hokie SPA account.
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All students must complete and obtain approval of their Plan of Study (POS). Form available here

This is an important part of the academic program and must be attended to as early as possible, preferably in the student's first semester. As stated in the Graduate School Catalog, the POS must be submitted before the student has completed 15 credit hours (5 courses), if in a full time program. Most Evening MBA students are part time students and should complete the POS by their second semester in the program. By not completing this important task, students risk being denied access to courses or delaying graduation.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions on the POS. Please contact Robin Littleton at 703-538-8410 or with additional questions

What is a "Plan of Study"?
Plan of Study serves as both a plan of the coursework/schedule of work remaining, and also a contract between the student and the MBA Program. The courses that are detailed on the POS are designed to meet both the educational goals of the student and the requirements of the MBA Program and Graduate School. All graduate students must submit an approved POS.

The MBA Program offers several concentrations which prepares students to be effective leaders in a variety of organizational settings. Within our program we emphasize versatile skills including leadership, ethical decision-making, team work/group work, computer skills, and communication skills which are essential in achieving organizational goals. Certification of concentration will be granted when all requirements have been met. If you wish to pursue a concentration kindly submit the list of your elective courses along with your plan of study.

When do I get the POS approved?
Early attention to this is preferred and recommended within the second semester of courses.

Who approves the POS?
The MBA Program Director. It is then forwarded to the Graduate School for final approval.

How do I process the POS?
Fill out the form, print it out, sign it, and submit it to the Program Administrator for the Director's review. Please keep in mind that submitting your POS electronically does not satisfy the process. It must be approved and signed. You should give the signed POS to the MBA Program Administrator. The Administrator gives your POS to the Program Director for his review, and after approval, your POS will be sent to Graduate School for final approval. When the POS gets the final approval, you can see "Plan of Study approved" on your Hokie SPA. The approval process may take about 3-4 weeks.

What do I do if I want to change my approved plan of study?
Please contact the MBA Program Administrator directly for instructions.

No exemption of core courses is allowed.

In certain cases, it is possible to transfer up to nine hours of elective courses from an AACSB-accredited institution to the Pamplin MBA Program with prior approval. The MBA Program Director will review the appropriateness of all requests for transfer credit. Usually this takes place when the student formalizes his/her plan of study and should be completed early in the program.

Transfer credits must also follow the requirements of the Virginia Tech Graduate School. In part, this requires that the student has received at least a grade "B" to transfer the course. An official copy of the transcript from the transfer institution should be sent to the MBA Program Office.