Evening MBA graduating class spring 2016

Virginia Tech Evening MBA Scholarship Recipients - Spring 2017

Meet the highly accomplished students who received MBA program scholarship awards this spring:

Image of Cara Fishman

Cara Fishman (Virginia Tech – MS Systems Engineering; University of Michigan – BA Sport Management) — "Virginia Tech’s Evening MBA program has given me the strategic perspective necessary to lead well in the workplace. The Evening MBA offers personalized flexibility without compromising on intellectual rigor. I am grateful for the experiences I have had at Virginia Tech and proud to be a part of this academic community."

Image of Gowtam Chirluri

Gowtam Chirluri (University of North Carolina at Wilmington – BS Business Administration) — "The MBA program at Virginia Tech has been a rewarding experience. I have appreciated the accessibility to a DMV campus and convenience of scheduling my classes so that I can continue working full-time. In addition, the curriculum has provided me with a strong foundation in core management, leadership, and finance principles, which have resulted in valuable benefits when applied at my job. "

Image of Esha Zaman

Esha Zaman (Virginia Tech – BS in Business, Accounting & Finance) — "The VA Tech Evening MBA program is a great fit for me because it not only accommodates my work schedule but it has provided me with a great opportunity to enhance my technical and professional skills. I am able to build a long lasting and impactful network with the professors and my fellow classmates while learning in a friendly environment."

Image of Aashish Raj Simha

Aashish Raj Simha (University of Maryland – M.Eng. Computer Engineering and Purdue University - B.S. Computer Engineering) — "The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program will supplement my engineering education and broaden my skills. I wish to use my new found skills to take up leadership roles within my organization and drive innovation and growth. I am sure an MBA from Virginia Tech will help me achieve my professional goals."

Image of Tobias Planert

Tobias Planert (University of Passau – International Business and Cultural Studies) — "Working for a small start-up company in the electrical utility market I decided to enhance my skills through the Evening MBA Program to help me in my effort to grow the business and expand our manufacturing capability. It has been a great decision - now only in the second semester, I can already say that the classes have helped me gain valuable new insights. I thoroughly enjoy making new connections with other students and teachers, and learn about their professional backgrounds. The program is very well taught and administered, and it remains small enough to be personal."

Image of Stephen Boynton

Stephen Boynton (Virginia Tech – BA in Economics) — "Choosing to pursue a MBA at Virginia Tech has been a phenomenal decision for my personal and career growth. Currently working in pricing and project control for a small business, the MBA program has allowed me to supplement my real-world working experience with a strong foundation of business knowledge. Virginia Tech's network of alumni as well as the opportunity that the program provides for networking with peers provide invaluable tools for students to utilize in order to help further their careers. Go Hokies."

Image of Meghan Pope

Meghan Pope (Syracuse University- MA in Advertising; James Madison University – BS in Media Art and Design, BS in Communication, Minor in Film Studies) — "The Virginia Tech MBA program is helping me achieve my professional goals by providing me with core business knowledge as I shift careers from Marketing to Finance. The courses help me to develop as a business professional and a leader while also creating opportunities to network with professors, mentors, peers and alumni. In addition, the flexibility of the program allows me to juggle a full-time job and my family life with two children while still pursuing my degree."

Image of Bryon Russell

Bryon Russell (Virginia Tech – BS in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise) — "The VA Tech MBA Program has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and gain invaluable knowledge in areas of business which I had no prior experience. The diverse course load I’ve taken has provided me countless insights as to how I can be a more informed decision maker, better problem solver and stronger leader. The last three years have offered me tremendous personal and professional growth and I have no doubt that VA Tech’s holistic approach to teaching business and management has broadened my competency as a manager and better positioned me for business success in the future."

Image of Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker – (University of Missouri- BS in Business Administration) — "Virginia Tech hit all the wants and needs for my graduate education: Nationally ranked part-time MBA program, flexibility for evening courses to enable me to continue working full-time, and access to a large local alumni community. Additionally, the University’s mission of "quality, innovation, and results" align perfectly to what I wish to accomplish with the program."

Image of Farzana Rahman

Farzana Rahman (Cornell University – AB Biology & Psychology; Northeastern University – BS in Pharmacy) — "The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program has been amazing. Choosing to go back to the classroom after so many years was a difficult and scary decision but the collaborative and intellectually challenging environment has made it worthwhile and exciting."

Program Alumni

Headshot of program alumni Cody Baldwin

Cody Baldwin, Evening MBA 2013 - Senior IT Project Manager at HP.
"Choosing to go back and get an MBA was the best investment I could have made for my career. I was hired directly out of the program and given a generous raise and an opportunity to manage global teams in a field that I love, It has already paid for itself. In addition to building my resume and helping my find a better job, the program allowed me to build a network that will last for many years to come."


Headshot of program alumni Deanna Starbuck

Deanna Starbuck, Evening MBA 2006 - Oil and Gas Industry, Bakersfiled, CA.
"I received my BS in Mechanical Engineering from VT in 2003 and due to the tough job market I stayed to get my MBA as part of the evening MBA program. I completed the program while working full time in my technical field. It was a great decision for me and helped to make me a more well-rounded engineer. It has opened several opportunities in my career in leadership and enabled me to work more effectively across multiple disciplines."

Professional image of program alumni Evelyn McGill

Evelyn McGill, Evening MBA 1990 - Virginia Works' Compensation Commission, Executive Director
"The Program Director and various faculty advising me as a student said that the MBA would help us in all facets of our lives, each and every day. Oh how true this statement has been for me during my career as well as in my personal life. Each and every day, the education that I received from the VTMBA Program has been extremely valuable. My ability to compete in the work world has been enhanced significantly as a result of the skills and abilities I learned as a VTMBA student."

Image of program alumni Kathleen Benson

Kathleen Moses Benson, Evening MBA 1990 - Communications/Marketing Strategist, 24 years of experience at Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
"I chose the Virginia Tech MBA program because of its reputation as a nationally-ranked business school. My MBA degree certainly opened doors for me in my career. I advise new students to take the time to develop a relationship with not only their classmates, but more importantly, their professors. The MBA faculty is truly top-notch!"

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