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Located in Northern Virginia, the Virginia Tech Evening MBA program allows full-time working professionals to earn an MBA at their own pace while bringing new knowledge and skills to the workplace.

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Designed for Working Professionals in the DC Metro Area

Ranked in the Top 20 Best Part-time MBA Programs Nationwide


Carrington Austin
BS Systems Engineering, University of Virginia

“Although I have just started my journey with the Evening MBA Program, I have been planning for this step in my life for several years, and I cannot imagine a better place to have landed than at Virginia Tech. The program fits perfectly into my schedule, and through the wide range of course offerings I am able to explore different business aspects than what I am exposed to every day at work. The program is providing me with the opportunity and skills necessary to achieve the professional growth I am seeking.”

Yasemin Birkan
BS Information Systems and Operations Management, George Mason University

"My recent admission into Virginia Tech’s nationally-ranked Evening MBA program has already proven to be a great opportunity for me to learn from experienced business professionals coming from diverse backgrounds. I decided to start my MBA journey early in my career after I began working in corporate finance while finishing my bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and Operations Management. I am confident that this program will help me gain a stronger comprehension of finance and accounting after taking the coursework offered through the Financial Management Area of Specialization, while also allowing me to develop critical communication, teamwork, and leadership skills." 

Michelle Hansen

Michelle Hansen
BA International Affairs, George Washington University

“I'm a software entrepreneur and started the Virginia Tech MBA program to fill gaps in my business knowledge. Many of the program's courses have been immediately relevant to running and growing the business, such as accounting, negotiations, and innovation strategy. The program has given me opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise had to expand my perspective and network, including touring factories in India, creating marketing for a well-known local restaurant chain, pairing me with an alumni mentor at a venture-backed startup, and attending a venture capital bootcamp. The faculty are knowledgeable and helpful, and the students are engaged and collaborative. It's a wonderful program.”

Dipanker Paul
BE Computer Engineering, Assam University

“While I am guided by experience and intuition today, I do want to learn the formal methodologies of management. A nationally recognized and accredited program like Virginia Tech MBA will help me do just that. Coming from an IT background, Virginia Tech MBA will provide me a solid foundation and body of business knowledge which will help me marry technology with business to create a more innovative, productive and profitable organization that I may work for in the future."

Constance Samuels
BS Hospitality Management, Virginia State University

“The Virginia Tech Evening MBA program allows me the opportunity to pursue my goal of obtaining a graduate degree without interrupting my career. I desired the business acumen and refined skills to assist with my trajectory into more senior leadership roles, building upon my background and experience in hospitality management. It was imperative that I coupled my experience with a program that was both reputable and convenient. I have already started using skills and lessons learned in the program within my current role, bolstering my technical ability and influence within my organization. I am confident that my return on investment, in time and money, will contribute to my overall future and success.”

Darshan Sangani
BS Operations Management and Information Systems, University of Maryland, College Park

“I'm a firm believer in the power of reinforcement and repetition. After studying business at the University of Maryland: Smith School of Business, I went on to work for about 3 years, prior to starting the Evening MBA program at Virginia Tech. Going through the courses in the Evening MBA program after having worked for a little bit makes the subject matter applicable to real-life scenarios and has enabled me to learn with fresh perspective. As I advance in my career, the Virginia Tech MBA will allow me to hone my fundamental core business skills, grow as a leader, and build my professional confidence.”

Bilal Shamim

Bilal Shamim
BS Accounting, West Virginia University

“As a professional who has focused primarily in Financial Statements and Tax Compliance, the program has contributed immensely to my learning and skill set. Due to the technical nature of the courses, I have gained a deeper understanding of Finance, Data analytics and business strategy. It has helped me gain new insights via collaboration on projects and sharing ideas with peers who bring substantial work experience from different industries. I am honored to be a part of this highly ranked program with great faculty and alumni network.”

David Yarnell

David Yarnell
BS Biological Sciences, John Carroll University

"I appreciate this opportunity and look forward to creating lasting friendships both personally and professionally. Virginia Tech's MBA program will help shape me into a strong leader in my industry.  The Hokie network is unbelievable, and I am proud to be a part of it."